sabato 24 settembre 2016


Den Tag, italian dental instruments manufacturer, introduces the new handle conform to the European Directive 2010/32/UE.

Directive 2010/32/UE – “preventionfrom sharp injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector” provides that measures have to be taken to prevent injuries and sticks. This directive underlines to consider that there is always a risk and that priority measure have to be taken in prevention measures.

Double tips instruments can hurt operator’s hand or tear his glove (with the opposite tips of the working one). There’s a possibility to injury during its use, handling or switching between Assistant-Dentis-Assistant.

As preventive measurement thedentist can choose, when buying or changing an oldinstrument, to buy alonger instrument like ours.

Den Tag instruments are longer. They can be sleeved like the others and, if the dentist already uses boxes or trays for sterilization, he can place the instruments in the sense of longer side.

For more information:
DenTag s.r.l.
Via Maniago, 99 - 33085 Maniago (PN) - Italytel. + 39 0427 71561
fax + 39 0427 700666

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