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Luca Martinelli

Dental universal base in silicon

Publication 27th April 2015
Updating Gen. 2018


1.1 Foreword
The universal base comes from the dental bur holder. It was born to satisfy fexibility and practicality needs. It is an instrument that permits to manage indifferently burs with any kind of axle diameter (H, HP, HS, CA, FG, FGXL, RA), syndesmothome tips, crown remover tips, mouth mirrors, periotome tips and so on. An instrument as much trivial as helpful and practical to manage, in order and ready to use all the myriad of little instruments and accessories that, in dentistry, can often be lost into the drawer.

Finally, a unique instrument that permits to have available on the worktop all the necessary tips neatly, which grants even to improve the performance in terms of time and security.

Te universal base in silicon, for its characteristics, is nowadays the best device, compared to the simple bur holder in metal, for example, for the use in dentistry.

1.2 The bur holder
Let’s take for example the bur holder. It’s a service instrument that must permit to find immediately the necessary burs and keep it easily.

It must also minimize all the possible problems that can be generated during the sterilization and storage phases.

The most used bur holders which can be found on the market are made in aluminium. After those there are the one made in steel and recently there are also bur holders made in plastic and silicon.

Bur holders in aluminium:they can keep only one or two kind of burs

After having read our explanation, it would be easily clear that the silicon bur holders would be the best one to be chosen, mostly the 35 holes universal ones (which means that they can keep different diameters axel burs).

Silicon bur holders

First of all, silicon bur holders are holders that don’t cause galvanic effect, which is the
ionic transfer effect of metals, caused by the difference of metals with which the burs are
built, and the relative aluminum or steel bur holders. Silicon bur holders save burs – and
themselves, too – by oxidation and corrosive effects.

Compared with the plastic bur holders, the food silicon ones have the characteristic not to
be toxic.
By an operational point of view, which is the most interesting, we can say that silicon bur
holders are useful for three reasons at least:

1- Possibility to insert both turbines’ and micromotors’ burs, permitting to prepare aunique bur holder which contains all the necessary burs.

Universal base

 2- Possibility to prearrange operative sets by color distinguished (on the market youcan find bur holders with not less than 8 different colors), permitting to organize atmost warehousing and timing of intervention and choice;

3- Prevention by burs accidental falls due to upsetting of the bur holder, which means prevention by possibility of breaking or sterilize one more time burs, thanks to cross holes that you can find on the best silicon bur holders.

To those three main strong points, apart from prevention of the galvanic effect, we can add that the silicon base has got non-slip properties, which can prevent slipping of the holder on
smooth surfaces and can simplify the grasp of the chosen bur with a single hand. 

Usually, those bur holders have the possibility to have a low cover, for surgery burs, or a higher cover, for lab burs.

As we know on the market there are different bases for only one kind of bur, bases in which there can be fit syndesmothome tips and so on. Maintaining on service more different bases means, apart from a cost, also the managing of them mostly during re processing phases, which means locate and predispose them for the specific tips that they can keep.


Univeral base with
periotome tips

Endodontic Burs

The silicon universal base NEST is a unique base that can keep all the tips of instruments of different destination use. This permits to buy a unique disposal and to manage it easily during reprocessing and stocking phase without worry about searching, as for the metal bases, the right base.

Moreover the possibility to choose between different colors permits a more practical managing of the tips and burs that can be divided according to use.

NEST ultrasonic washing burs
Last but not the least NEST permits a great saving of time in collecting and selecting burs in ultrasonic machine and prevents demages of burs and tips caused by ultrasonic waves.

                                                        YOU TUBE LINK Video2 >Click Here

The price difference between silicon universal bases and the metal or plastic bases are none (the silicon ones are even less expensive). The economic factor is an advantage and the operator can buy many universal bases in different colours in which he can insert all that he prefers or even use a unique base for everything.

The weight, too is much lower than the ones in metal or made with some kind of plastics.

This fact, apparently not so interesting, is important when sending high quantities all over. A reason more to prefer silicon universal base to all the other bur holders (also for the onew who have to sell the product!).

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