giovedì 22 marzo 2018


For eighteen years DDC Consulting have been working in Italy and abroad offering consulting services in various sectors.

-Person Responsible for the Compliance of the Regulations, mandatory figure for all manufacturers, agents, and in specific cases for distributors and importers, introduced by the new Medical Devices Regulation;
-Temporary Managing;
-Legal advice, CAE (Court Appointed Expert) and EW (Expert Witness);
-Auditor for Notification Bodies;
-Trademarks and Patents;
-Quality Management Systems, implementation and maintenance;
-CE Marking Medical Devices, realization of technical documentation and assistance;
-Internal Audits;
-Audits by suppliers;
-Training: Quality, Medical Devices, Specific Products;
-Technical Advertising documentation, realization and modification;
-Designing new products, modification existing products;
-Production processes, implementation and modification;

In the meantime we have also developed Sports sector with postural measurements, collaborating with Milan Bicocca University and Verona University and with Gazzetta Summer Camp by La Gazzetta dello Sport. 

For more info:
Tel.: +39 337 539659


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